Abby K - Live From The Playroom


Live From The Playroom EP Release

Abby K’s new EP “LIVE FROM THE PLAYROOM” is available now!


NEW Single Available Now

Abby K’s new single “I THOUGHT THAT I LOVED YOU” is available now worldwide via The Orchard, a Sony subsidiary. 

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“Abby K is the rare combination of rock edge with pop hooks that makes for a real artist who not only has something to say but says it in a way that you
can’t stop singing along.”

David “Ace” Cannon – Nationally Syndicated Ace & Tj Radio Show

“Holy shit dude. I was there was an unknown Joan Jett hit the scene. I was there when Pat who? turned Rock upside down. For the next movement to happen it has to be like the 80s. Girl power!!!”

Arroe Collins – Radio Personality