NEW Single Available Now

Abby K’s new single “ROCK THE ROCK” is available now worldwide via The Orchard, a Sony subsidiary. 


Abby K Signs Management Deal with Eddie Z

Producer, engineer and guitarist Eddie Z of the Playroom in Charlotte has signed 16 year old Bassist and Vocalist Abby K to a management contract.


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“Abby K is the rare combination of rock edge with pop hooks that makes for a real artist who not only has something to say but says it in a way that you
can’t stop singing along.”

David “Ace” Cannon – Nationally Syndicated Ace & Tj Radio Show

“Holy shit dude. I was there was an unknown Joan Jett hit the scene. I was there when Pat who? turned Rock upside down. For the next movement to happen it has to be like the 80s. Girl power!!!”

Arroe Collins – Radio Personality