Abby K – New Single “Dirty Love” – A Rock Legend In The Making

Contrary to popular belief – Rock is not dead, it’s alive and well and living in Moorseville, NC through the considerable talents of Abby K, a seventeen-year-old singer, song-writer and virtuoso Bass player. Following in the footsteps of Bass playing / vocalist luminaries such as Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Lemmy (Motorhead), Gene Simmons (KISS), Paul McCartney (The Beatles), and not forgetting Rock Goddesses Suzi Quatro and Kim Deal (Pixies) – Abby is forging a new era of Rock dynamism – backed with adrenaline soaked riffs, thunderous grooves and gut wrenching emotion layered through each of her richly produced songs.

“This is the career I’ve been preparing for my whole life and I’m ready to be an inspiration to other girls that want to rock”

Abby was first drawn to the sound and feel of heavy Rock after seeing Gene Simmons at a KISS concert with her Father, she started her first band at 13-years-old and quickly developed a natural affinity with the Bass. In the summer of 2018, she was one of just 80 people (and only three Bassists) to be accepted out of 1,500 applicants to Grammy Camp in Los Angeles. It turned into an incredible learning experience for Abby, particularly when it came to fine tuning her song writing ability.

Another landmark accomplishment for Abby came through her collaboration with Nita Strauss, the guitarist known for her work with Femme Fatale and Alice Cooper’s band. Not only has Abby opened for Nita, she had the joy of playing alongside her on stage.

Later that same year Abby released her first single; “It Should Have Been Me”, distributed by The Orchard, a Sony subsidiary. That single went on to play in 7 countries and spent 5 weeks in the top 5 on Baltimore radio and 3 weeks in the top 10 on Detroit radio.

For 2020 Abby is ready to set the world on fire! She was awarded ‘Bassist of The Year’ by The 2020 TC Indies just ahead of the release her new single; the heart-stopping “Dirty Love” – with a fast paced stadium filling sound and vocals that cut like a knife, both playful and tough, it’s the perfect Rock anthem for staying true to your convictions. There’s confidence and a maturity bursting out of Abby’s lungs, we feel that this year she’s going to break all the rules.

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(Los Angeles, Calif.) –Abby K, the 16 year-old bassist/vocalist, is set to release her debut single “It Should Have Been Me” worldwide on August 22nd via The Orchard, a Sony subsidiary. The Mooresville, N.C. rocker’s track features performances by Pat Gerasia and Dave McGarry from Billboard charting band Red Sun Rising and “new to the scene” guitarist Logan Foland.

Abby K has collaborated with her manager and producer, Eddie Z, to bring “It Should Have Been Me” to life as a powerful rock song with a pop hook. The song has been likened stylistically to Halestorm and Avril Lavigne by music industry insiders. “It Should Have Been Me” has also been praised by Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss, who took a notice to Abby’s incredible talent early on and welcomed the young virtuoso to open for her on two different occasions.

“Abby K is one of the most gifted and focused musicians that I’ve worked with,” Eddie Z, 25-year industry veteran and owner of Charlotte’s The Playroom Rehearsal & Recording Facility, said. “It’s amazing to see this teenage girl walk onstage and deliver a ferocious, punch you in-the-mouth, performance. She’s a powerhouse.”

Abby K got hooked on hard rock after seeing Gene Simmons at a KISS concert that she attended with her dad. She put in the hours of practice to become the phenom that she is today. In the summer of 2018, she was one of only three bassists to be selected to attend Grammy Camp in Los Angeles. Abby K is focused on getting her music to the masses and improve at her craft every day.

Her age is a non-factor. “Just because I’m still in high school, it doesn’t mean that I take this lightly,” she said. “This is the career that I’ve been preparing for my whole life and I’m ready to be an inspiration to other girls that want to rock.”

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Abby K Gets the Last Laugh From the Jump

Playing bass in her first band at just 13 years old, Abby Kurtz says she never imagined herself as a singer. But sometimes, the natural order leaves one no choice.

As the only female in a band full of puberty-stricken boys, Kurtz found herself stepping up to the mic out of the pure desire to keep things moving.

“In my first band when I was 13, all of the boys in the band took turns singing,” she recalls. “When their voices started changing, I would get so frustrated because we would have to drop songs and pick new ones because they could no longer sing them. That’s when I decided I was going to take on the role of lead singer.”

Eddie Z Signs Mooresville Teen To A Management Contract

A Moorseville Teen is making big noise in the music world!

Producer, engineer and guitarist Eddie Z of the Playroom in Charlotte has signed 16 year old Bassist and Vocalist Abby K to a management contract. Abby starting playing bass 3 years ago after going to a Kiss concert with her dad. Then she picked up singing after playing with a few bands!

Back in December, Abby K opened for Nita Strauss, the guitarist for Alice Cooper’s touring band. She says, her dream is to be a successful touring bassist and to inspire other young girls.

Eddie Z says a lot of exciting things are coming up for Abby K. She’s opening for some major touring artists as well as organizing a new band. Her first single will be released May 14th. To hear her music and find out more follow her on Twitter and Instagram @AbbyKOnBass.