“Great Job! Like the song…At the end of the day it’s all about the song.”
Ryan Roxie – Guitarist Slash’s Snakepit, Alice Cooper

“Love Love Love. Great Job, Beautiful, congrats!”
Katt Scarlett – Femme Fatale

“Abby K is one of the most gifted and focused musicians that I’ve worked with. It’s amazing to see this teenage girl walk onstage and deliver a ferocious, punch you in-the-mouth, performance. She’s a powerhouse.”
Eddie Z, 25-year industry veteran and owner of Charlotte’s The Playroom Rehearsal & Recording Facility.

“Abby K is the rare combination of rock edge with pop hooks that makes for a real artist who not only has something to say but says it in a way that you
can’t stop singing along”
David “Ace” Cannon – Nationally Syndicated Ace & Tj Radio show

Arroe Collins – reaction to seeing Abby K – It Should Have Been Me video
“Holy shit dude. I was there was an unknown Joan Jett hit the scene. I was there when Pat who? turned Rock upside down. For the next movement to happen it has to be like the 80s.
Girl power!!!”
Arroe Collins – Radio Personality

“Support the next generation of rock – @abbykonbass – welcome to the future!”
Ron Keel – Keel, Steeler

“I can’t wait to see the video! Based on that small clip you put on FB, that little girl looks like a real bad ass. She’s totally captured my attention.”
Music Insider Deborah M.

“Abby K has taken over and is no longer just a teenager with a dream, she is a full fledged rock queen”
Shannon Wilk – Rockin Interviews

“I was invited to one of Abby Ks concerts and I thought geeze a 16 year old girl? But I trusted my friend who invited me. And I was BLOWN AWAY! She definitely brings her A game! And she is not your typical teenage girl. She is well mannered and career focused! And every time I see her she is that much more better! I look forward to seeing her first ever (of many) sold out Coliseum concert!

Abby K is an amazing young lady with an outstanding talent. Do yourself a favor and catch her concerts!”
Brenda F.

Nita Strauss